First Principles

  1. We believe that care management directors can achieve goals at a faster rate with a better educated staff.
  2. We believe in the definition “management is getting work done through others.”
  3. We believe that case managers and care coordinators are knowledge workers. We believe that knowledge workers need knowledge.
  4. We believe that company-directed training can improve organizational performance.
  5. We believe that in the 21st Century a web-based training platform is a convenient media to provide health professionals with anywhere anytime learning.
  6. We believe that a web-based learning platform can deliver an attractive value proposition for training licensed health professionals at less than $40.00 per person per year.

Tom Rasmussen

Tom Rasmussen
Founder & CEO
Athena Forum
Barbara Leach RN MS

Barbara Leach, MS, BSN, RN
Director, Nursing Education
Athena Forum